TSCM - Countermeasures and Bug Sweeping in Florida

countermeasures in florida bug sweeping tscm

Corporate and domestic surveilliance continues to rise in Florida and abroad. If you feel that you are the victim of eavesdropping and counter-surveillance practices such as wiretapping, spy cams (covert video), voyeurism, spyware, malware, a GPS tracking device or a multitude of other intrusive devices meant to obtain sensitive, classified, or other private information, then Kerry Tucker is available to put your worries to rest. Our counter-surveillance specialists are thoroughly trained and have decades of combined specialized experience, giving us solid first-hand experience with a wide array of surveillance techniques and devices. This experience allows us to create technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) that are custom-designed to satisfy your unique needs and requirements. From boardrooms to bathrooms or even the car, our investigations reduce opportunities for intelligence spying and help assure personal privacy.

TSCM consists of inspecting and analyzing electronic systems, telecommunications systems, computer and Wi-Fi systems and structural components, with the goal of discovering, isolating and closing up any holes in corporate and personal security. Over the years, Kerry Tucker’s counter-surveillance experts have removed devices from offices, corporate boardrooms, telephone systems, automobiles and homes. As the field of TSCM continues to evolve, we make sure that our experts remain proficient with the latest covert surveillance tools so that you or your business is completely covered.

Assignments we have taken on include protecting against corporate espionage to protecting a client from being surveilled by an ex-spouse for child custody purposes. Regardless of whether our client is an individual or corporate entity, our first priority is client privacy. Our clients’ confidentiality is maintained from when the assignments begins, while it takes place and after we service’s completion.

Cities in Florida We Serve Include, But Are Not Limited to:

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