Workers' Compensation & Insurance Private Investigator

Workers Compensation and Insurance Private Investigator in Florida

Every day there are businesses and insurance companies sending out payments for workers’ compensation claims and pay out millions of dollars in claims in a single year alone. Unfortunately, due to the economy today there has been an increase in the number of fraudulent claims being made for workers’ compensation. Luckily, there is a way to prevent these fake claims and that is by working with Kerry Tucker Investigations’, licensed Florida private investigators who have expertise with insurance claims. We can help you save thousands, like we do other businesses and insurance companies, every month by identifying and stopping fake claims. Our professional investigators have discovered individuals claiming to need workers’ compensation, but who meanwhile are performing activities that they couldn’t do if they were actually injured; working out, playing sports, working elsewhere, etc.

Florida’s Leading Workers’ Compensation Private Investigation Firm

If you’re in need of superior investigative services for workers’ compensation reasons, you need to call Kerry Tucker Investigations. We cover Palm Beach and Broward Counties, with exceptional, professional investigative services. All of our investigations are handled with exceptional service so we can exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Our private investigators in Florida have at least five (5) years, if not more, of experience with investigating workers’ compensation cases so you can be assured we know how to approach each case. Our investigators use only the latest equipment for all of our cases. Our goal is to succeed and that is achieved by delivering superior services for our clients. This is why so many of our clients have referred us to their peers, and return to us whenever they require investigative services.

Our workers’ compensation experts know how to get the results you desire and can be reached at (866) 750-7155 right now. We provide free consultations to help you make a more informed decision and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed when you meet with us. We can also provide other investigate services related to insurance claims including activity checks, alive and well checks, auto liability claims, bodily injury claims, recorded statements and signed statements.

Kerry Tucker Investigations Activity Checks

Our insurance private investigators in Florida can help you gather the necessary information you require for your claim. Activity checks are helpful at times and are a way to obtain exactly what you need in a discreet manner. We can help you learn the residence of the claimant, provide a description of the surroundings and will prepare any information needed that may help with future surveillance. We can discreetly scan the neighborhood and cross-reference multiple databases and certain resources to discover just what the claimant enjoys doing activity-wise. They could be discreetly working for cash somewhere, they could be enduring certain sports that instantly depict fraud, and so much more. Our specialists can definitely find the information you need. Just call us at (866) 750-7155 toll free and get a free consultation for our services.

Kerry Tucker Investigations Alive and Well Checks

Our insurance private investigators provide alive and well checks at your request. You tell us what information you need and we go and get it for you. We meet with the claimants in person and are very cordial so that the claimants do not get taken aback and decide not to speak with us. Our specialists can inform you of the claimant’s residence and their current activities, any prescriptions they may be taking, who their doctor is, what income they are receiving, if any, and so much more.

Kerry Tucker Investigations Auto Liability and Bodily Injury Claims

We have claims investigators in Florida that understand how auto liability and injury claims work and how to tell if something is amiss. They are trained so that they can perform a thorough investigation. If our investigator happens to find any indication or proof of fraudulent activity we will let you know. Once we’ve finished our investigations we will compile a report with all the details of our evidence so you can get prepared should the case proceed to litigation. We can also testify when needed and many of our litigation investigators have already done so for hundreds of cases.

Kerry Tucker Investigations Recorded and Signed Statements

If you are in need of recorded and signed statements then call Kerry Tucker Investigations. Our professional Florida private detectives are ready to assist you and are available 24/7 to do so. We have the experience necessary and know how to obtain the information you seek. If you need a local, private detective firm that serves all of Florida, call on Kerry Tucker Investigations.

Cities in Florida We Serve Include, But Are Not Limited to:

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