• I have worked with Kerry Tucker, private investigator, on several matters in a variety of contexts - - including state and federal criminal defense investigations, civil personal injury cases, and family law matters. As a former federal prosecutor who has worked with FBI, Secret Service, DEA and other top notch investigators, I know a proficient investigator when I work with one. Kerry is very responsive and thorough, and goes the extra mile to accomplish the objectives of the assignment on time and professionally. Whether it has been locating the hard to find or elusive person to obtain a statement, tracking down a party for service of process, or conducting surveillance or background investigations, I always have been beyond satisfied with the results of using Kerry Tucker’s services for my clients.

    Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr., Esquire

    Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr. Law Offices

  • I have been practicing state and federal criminal defense in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for the past 20 years. Kerry Tucker is simply the best investigator I have ever employed. Kerry more than levels the playing field against the resources of the government. He has the unique ability to find favorable witnesses and makes them feel comfortable and willing to cooperate with the defense. You should hire Kerry and see the results for yourself.

    Michael Huff
    Michael Huff, Esquire

    Law Offices of Michael N. Huff

  • We have utilized the services of Kerry Tucker Investigations in a myriad of different types of cases ranging from divorce, business litigation, high level federal criminal and civil cases, locating missing persons, to interviewing witnesses, etc. We have found their work to be thorough, precise, detailed, fast turnaround, and extremely competent. A number of cases have resolved or settled based upon the results that they have produced. Our law firm would have no hesitancy in recommending them in any type of investigative work.

    Troy A. Archie, Esq.

    Afonso Baker & Archie, P.C.

  • Kerry Tucker is my "go-to" Investigator. No matter how difficult, complex or elusive the assignment, I know I will get a thorough report that I can use to make decisions. Kerry's help in brainstorming matters is also invaluable. I give him my most pressing and challenging matters.

  • I hired Kerry to assist me with a very frustrating and upsetting case and, to be honest, the whole situation had me very stressed out. The first thing that struck me about Kerry was his professionalism and confidence in being able to help me; I found his personable demeanor to be very calming and re-assuring. At once he was able to frame the situation and clarify the entire process for me. His skill for exacting research, his pro-active “day-or-night” approach, and the timeliness with which he produced results for me was astounding. Kerry knows what he’s doing and he does it with integrity and genuine humanity.

    Karen R. Fischer

    Boynton Beach, FL

  • We have utilized the services of Kerry Tucker’s Professional Investigative Services since 2001 in different types of cases ranging from personal injury to locating and interviewing witnesses in criminal defense and accident cases, etc. I have found his work to be efficient, detailed and skillful. The results of his work product resulted in a number of successful settlements. If positive results are what you seek, I recommend Kerry Tucker for any type of investigative work.

    Stephen G Raymond
    Stephen G. Raymond, Esquire

    Raymond Coleman Heinold & Norman, LLP

  • I have utilized the services of Kerry Tucker for more than twenty years and can unequivocally state that he is outstanding in his field. His services are of the highest caliber and always professional, discreet and thorough. I have referred Mr. Tucker to other attorneys who have experienced success without exception. I highly recommend Kerry Tucker.

    ronald warren
    Ronald M. Warren

    Kingett Warren, PC

  • Since 2008 I have used Kerry Tucker in countless types of cases ranging from divorce to employment discrimination and workers compensation. I have observed his detailed preparation of reports for major litigation. Kerry’s extensive law enforcement background and effective court presentation resulted in positive court settlements.

    andrew weber
    Andrew Weber, Esquire

    Law Offices of Andrew Weber

  • The Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex law firm has utilized Private Investigative services of Kerry Tucker for over seven years. One of the areas of legal representation offered by SGG is to Condominium Associations and Homeowner Associations in general counsel matters as well as in collection of delinquent assessments. Kerry Tucker has personal knowledge of the intricacies and challenges which Condo and HOA Board members face. The exceptional investigative information and creative insights that are derived from the Private Investigative services provided by Kerry, have enabled this firm to provide extraordinary results to our Condo and HOA clients in the collection of delinquent assessments as well as offering support in many other areas of the SGG practice.

    George C. Greatrex, Jr., Esq.

    Shivers, Gosnay, & Greatrex, LLC

  • I have been practicing law for 34 years. My client wanted to establish that his ex-wife was co-habitating with another man so as to terminate a substantial alimony obligation. Mr. Tucker's investigation work was complete, confidential, and credible. I would not have prevailed in the matter but for his investigation. I have used Mr. Tucker as my investigator exclusively since that time and have no reluctance in recommending him to others.

    Carmen R. Faia, Esquire

    FAIA & FRICK, P.C.

  • A thorough investigation of the facts is invaluable to mounting an effective defense as to the trial or sentencing. Be sure that the prosecution will leave no stones unturned as it mounts its case to convict you or sentence you. Don't get caught regretting that you failed to investigate the facts in your case. That's why I utilized the services of Kerry Tucker, Court Appointed CJA Investigator.

    Amin Rahsid, Pro Se Defendant

    U.S. Federal Inmate