Kerry Tucker is an experienced Licensed Private Detective who has over 30 years of experience in the investigative field. He works with attorneys, businesses, accounting firms, government agencies and private individuals helping them to uncover the truth behind their cases by gathering information and evidence for the best possible outcome.

Throughout the years, Kerry Tucker has developed a special and unique kind of wisdom, maturity, insight and perspective. He has had first-hand experience with many different types of litigation, appearing before many judges. Kerry Tucker handles complex legal issues and works closely with many attorneys, business owners, federal detainees and private individuals to prove their case. He possesses the ability to reason and apply common sense to the law. Having a tremendous amount of exposure to various kinds of litigation and courtroom practice, Kerry Tucker is definitely the best choice for increasing your prospects to win or prove your case.


Investigative Competence

As an experienced professional Private Detective, Kerry Tucker is qualified to handle any matter needing proof. He is a licensed investigator with an exceptional ability to use divergent and unconventional thinking to reach creative and unusual solutions to problems.

Mr. Tucker manages complex investigations while working with attorneys to uncover the truth behind their criminal cases by gathering information and evidence so they can provide the best representation for their clients. He has lead investigative teams at all levels by managing, guiding and motivating them throughout the case.

Although he respects conventional investigative methods and essential conformist analysis patterns as the basis for any new case, he is known for his original, unusual and creative approach. This is what has built his strong reputation as a gifted and persistent strategist and tactician.

Today the firm has turned into a leading multi-state investigative agency, providing support and direction to law firms, public and private corporations, government agencies, insurance companies, accounting firms and the general public.



Kerry Tucker has more than 30 years of executive, law enforcement and investigative management experience in Targeted Narcotic Investigations, Economic Crimes, Sex Crimes and Child Abuse and Major Crimes. While serving in a State and Federal Narcotics Task Force, Kerry Tucker conducted criminal and intelligence investigations associated with the use, possession, distribution and manufacturing of various controlled substances. Kerry Tucker acted in an undercover capacity and negotiated with narcotic traffickers to facilitate the purchase and sale of narcotics and other controlled substances.

In the Economic Crimes Unit, he conducted criminal investigations related to insurance, computer and bank fraud, as well as white-collar crime and environmental crimes. Other public experience includes assignments in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit, Major Crimes Unit and as a uniformed police officer within a local police department. Mr. Tucker has comprehensive knowledge and experience in many investigative fields, including case development, criminal defense, civil and personal injury, workers compensation, arson, matrimonial, witness location, skip tracing, child custody, background verification, surveillance, kinesic interviewing, undercover operations, loss prevention and more.

Mr. Tucker holds an MBA in Human Resources Management, a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice and studied graduate courses in Forensic Science while assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, DC, where he was a Physical Science Technician in the Firearms-Toolmarks Unit.



Throughout his long and successful career Kerry Tucker has developed a unique kind of wisdom and maturity. Although as an investigator he has to be assertive, tough, relentless and persistent, Kerry Tucker is compassionate, concerning and sensitive. He has an exceptional ability to work under high pressure and maintains an exemplary presentation in public.

During his long career, his distinctive management skills motivated and led people to action. A competitive person, he strives to complete a mission through collaboration and teamwork. Along with his positive mindset and strong analytical skills, Kerry Tucker is patient, trustworthy and reliable.