Civil Litigation Support for Attorneys

Kerry Tucker’s investigative services can save you valuable time and money at every step of a Civil Litigation case, particularly in determining the merit and veracity of your clients claims before launching a full-scale litigation.

With over 30 years of experience assisting attorneys in mounting Civil Litigation cases, Kerry Tucker is a veteran of the Personal Injury field; Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip-and-Falls, Product Liability, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Nursing Home Abuse/Negligence, and Civil Rights cases all fall squarely within his scope of investigative expertise.

A prompt, persistent, and meticulous investigation followed by a detailed and exhaustive report will be the cornerstone on which you will, time and again, build the strong, confident, and fact-based case your clients deserve. Once you experience the thoroughness and professionalism of the Kerry Tucker-style investigative Civil Case Review and Management, you’ll soon realize the reason “speed-dial” was invented.

Civil Case Review and Management: Performing due diligence, followed by a critical and independent assessment of the validity and strength of the case, culminating in a detailed, exhaustive report of findings and a strategic plan for success.

  • Due Diligence
  • Trial Preparation
  • Litigation Support
  • Service of Process

  • Case Evaluation
  • Expert Witness Identification and Coordination
  • Evidence Review

  • Record Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Witness Location/Skip Tracing
  • Background Verification


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