private investigator for businessesIt is estimated that small businesses in the United States lose over $400 billion annually due to employee fraud/theft and that it is the single largest factor contributing to their failure. With revelations such as these it should be clear to every business owner that, sadly, employee fraud/theft is not a matter of “IF,” but of “WHEN?” Nowadays, finding the right person for the job is imperative… and difficult to the point of seeming impossible. The good news is… Kerry Tucker has devised strategies for managing risk and protecting your business that will save you time, heartbreak, and money.

Human resource operations that used to require a separate staff and budget are now available to even the smallest of companies with one simple call to Kerry Tucker! Whether it’s guiding you through the potential mine-field of staffing decisions, GPS tracking of company vehicles, protecting trade secrets, or investigating instances of fraud/theft and workplace misconduct, Kerry Tucker will protect your business from risks both internal and external… and even provide someone to escort you to the bank to deposit your hard-earned money.

Kerry Tucker offers an endless array of investigative services and techniques developed in his over 30 years of experience, which are vital to the continued success of any business:


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