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If you are in need of a private investigator in Florida who can meet your corporate security needs, get in touch with Kerry Tucker Investigations today. We are a full-service investigative agency located out of Sarasota, FL. We can take care of all your investigative and workplace security requests, with guaranteed satisfaction for much less than what you would pay for a full-time investigative/security professional. As part of our business we will conduct security surveys, and then go over our findings with you. We will explain in detail the areas responsible for most of your losses and create a comprehensive security program tailored to target them.

Having an anonymous fraud hotline can be beneficial to you. Our staff is trained to assist you in setting this up. As we work closely with your management team, investigating theft and fraud that is in progress, we will implement any additional changes to your security program as we see fit.

The following are a few of the crimes within a workplace that we investigate:


Loss Prevention Investigations in Florida

For example, we find that most of the time internal theft accounts for a sizable percentage of losses among manufacturers, and also retail establishments. At some point inventory gets stolen along the product chain. Our workplace investigations in Florida are centered on finding exactly when and where products are being removed from the product chain.

Our goal is to identify losses as they occur. This allows us to immediately confront the incident, conduct interviews, and investigate further into reasons behind them. When time is appropriate, we can assist you with building a criminal case and help you contact law enforcement to get charges filed.

It is up to you whether or not to file any criminal charges against perpetrators. It is best for your bottom line to let employees know that you mean business when it comes to theft.

Workplace Theft Investigations in Florida

Corporations lose billions of dollars every year due to employee pilferage. The definition of pilferage is taking things in small amounts again and again over a period of time, which can eventually add up. Because the loss happens so gradually, many corporations will let it go unaddressed either because it goes unnoticed, or the corporation doesn’t realize the extent of how much that gradual loss can build up over a period of time.

Many employers understand that their employees are going to take things like paper clips, ink pens, etc. It usually doesn’t cross a business owner’s mind that the same employee could be taking a costly product regularly, much less on a daily basis. After our security survey we will be able to show where the biggest losses are coming from, and how they are occurring. The next step would be implementing measures that will put a stop to the losses.

Fraud & Embezzlement Investigations in Florida

The estimation of how much the United States loses per year due to white collar crime totals to over $300 billion. We investigate and routinely expose accounting abuses and financial irregularities.

We subscribe to dozens of commercial databases of records which help to better serve our clients and their investigative needs. We can enforce a proactive security plan to help mitigate any future loses. We have the connections that put us in a position to meet any corporate security need you may have, whether your business is headquartered in Florida, or anywhere for that matter…

Workplace Violence Investigations in Florida

The most effective tools in limiting violence in the workplace are background checks and criminal records checks. Employees have the right to work in a safe environment, and employers have the responsibility to take additional measures to ensure that their employees will be safe.

Should an incident of workplace violence happen at a job site, an investigation should be initiated at once. An employer needs to be swift and act quickly in taking the appropriate action to secure the safety of his or her employees. Not only will investigating and responding promptly to the incident mitigate any damages, but will aid in preventing any incidents from occurring in the future.

Computer Crimes: Computer Forensics Investigations in Florida

When you suspect that an employee is committing some form of financial fraud, theft of proprietary information or theft of intellectual property, a computer forensics investigation will help uncover this evidence. Whether you have simply lost your computer files, forgot where you hid them, or even deleted, encrypted, or damaged them, our private investigators in Florida have the computer forensic tools and techniques necessary to recover them for you.

Personal Injury Fraud Investigations in Florida

We have saved our clients large sums of money with our in-depth evidence gathering abilities when it comes to personal injury fraud in Florida. Our general investigation and surveillance services are offered to adjusters, employers, third party administrators, attorneys and insurance companies. We are able to interface seamlessly, whether it be with your staff or outside counsel.

If you have an employee who has reported they endured work-related injuries and you want to investigate the validity of these claims, we are experienced in gathering the facts you need to know. Our licensed private investigators in Florida have experience in testifying in state, as well as federal district courts.

Sexual Harassment Investigations in Florida

It is an employer’s responsibility to protect their employees at all times from sexual harassment in the workplace in Florida. It is of vital importance that all companies be equipped with the necessary tools and procedures to protect an employee from sexual harassment, and to have their management staff notified immediately of any such occurrences.

Companies should prevent contact between the accuser and the accused if accusations of sexual harassment have been alleged. A company should hire a competent sexual harassment private investigator in Florida to handle the investigation by getting a full and complete record of the allegations and confer with counsel.

If the company handles it through counsel, the ending results could be privileged, which means that the results would be protected from disclosure. This is why it is absolutely a must to hire a private detective. An investigator will do a thorough investigation into the matter and will mitigate any damages, and facilitate the necessary changes to prevent further similar incidents from happening.

Covert Workplace Surveillance Investigations in Florida

We have had highly effective results with clients who have hired us to conduct workplace surveillance. Kerry Tucker Investigations offers decades of experience when it comes to conducting personal injury surveillance throughout Florida. We provide you with evidence that is legally obtained, and usable in the courtroom.

We also provide you with high quality video along with high resolution photos that consist of a subject’s daily routine. Our surveillance videos cover it all; working at an undeclared job, playing sports, engaging in strenuous activities, and even doing yard work. Clients have been pleased with the custom digital video presentations that we’ve provided in their trials and meditations.

What Is the Meaning of Sub Rosa?

Sub Rosa in Latin means “under the rose.” In America it is often used in a legal situations, such as surveillance, and implies a safe level of secrecy. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that by hiring Kerry Tucker Investigations to conduct a workplace investigation, your case will be 100% confidential.

Anonymous Fraud Hotlines for Businesses in Florida

We can help implement an anonymous fraud hotline, giving all of your employees a number to call with information regarding theft, sexual harassment, drug use, fraud, and any other information that may be of value to you. Each caller will enjoy the privilege of complete anonymity, because for example, some managers are sometimes reluctant in reporting losses thinking it may change the morale of a company’s work environment. An anonymous fraud hotline will allow any such reportage to be delivered confidentially.

If you have any questions and are in need of an experienced workplace private investigator in Florida, don’t hesitate to call us today at (866) 750-7155.

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