Our Asset Searches in Florida

asset searches florida

Does someone owe you or your business money? Are you soon going to enter into a contractual agreement with another party and want to ensure that they have the funds necessary to make good on their promise? Asset inquiries happen on a regular basis. Whether it’s to settle private damage circumstances, collect dues, hire the correct worker, and/or to research financial statements during divorce or child support proceedings.

Asset searches are specialized in nature and require lots of knowledge, experience, research skills and tools to execute. Kerry Tucker Investigations knows that an effective asset search should not just be limited to scraping through databases and turning over findings. Our team of experts instead try to look at the big picture, unearthing the full scope of a subject’s financial state.

Florida Residents and Businesses in Florida Commonly Use Asset Searches for:

  • Determining Legitimacy of Personal Injury Claims
  • Automobile Accident Cases
  • Due Diligence & Compliance for Businesses
  • Debt Collection Purposes
  • Delinquent Child Support Cases
  • Divorce Proceedings

Our asset searches are conducted through the use of public and private databases. Our goal is to discover any property an individual or business entity possesses, and to find any liabilities attached to said property.

Certain searches we conduct are called Liquid Asset Searches and have limitations under Federal Law. Required documentation of suitable purpose is required to proceed with such searches. There are also other requirements for Liquid Asset Searches to be conducted that may be applicable.

Kerry Tucker can conduct an asset search on an individual or corporate entity in Florida that will find out if a company is using a fake company name, is fraudulent, hiding possessions, or has a history of fraud and court orders against them. This knowledge will help in the court of law. It also will give you the information and evidence needed for you to go about your daily business day.

Cities in Florida We Serve Include, But Are Not Limited to:

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