Nanny & Babysitter Background Checks

nanny and babysitter background checks nj

Since we live in the Information Age, astute parents have had online companies conduct nanny and babysitter background checks in New Jersey at an increasing rate each year. While most nannies and babysitters can be counted on to watch after children, it is important to remember that parents leave these individuals alone with, and in charge of their children. That being said, relying on an online company to conduct a comprehensive background check on a New Jersey nanny, babysitter, or caregiver may not uncover all the details about the candidate’s past.

Why Is It Important to Conduct a Comprehensive Background Check?

Conducting a comprehensive background check on a nanny or babysitter can prevent many unwanted things from happening, including but not limited to:

Theft: If a few items in the house end up missing, it may not be a big deal. However, if you have a nanny, babysitter or caregiver who is frequently at your home, items can slowly be stolen over a long period of time, amounting to criminal theft.

Child Abuse: The Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention found that 4% of child abuse cases were caused by nannies, babysitters and caregivers in 2001.

Online Companies Do Not the Tools & Training to Get the Information You Need

To fully uncover the truth about a nanny or babysitter’s past, it is best to rely on the expertise of a private investigator, a licensed private investigator. At Kerry Tucker Investigations, all of our private investigators are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of New Jersey. Contrary to online data brokers who merely dig up data that is accessible to the public, our private investigators are trained on how to use private databases as well. Through using public and and private databases, our private investigators will reveal everything you need to know about a candidate’s history. Feel free to request a free consultation today by calling us at (866) 750-7155 or filling out our contact form on the right.

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