Criminal Records Searches in Florida

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criminal records searches in florida

There are four ways in which our Florida private investigators may obtain information regarding a person’s criminal history or even the lack thereof.


1 – Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

Obviously, you’re going to discover if someone has been charged with criminal activity by visiting the police department. They have a database that includes the many details about each crime and can easily be searched. While this is a very reliable source, you should keep in mind that the Police have to rely on this information being submitted to them from courts and other municipal police departments. Therefore, it might not always be the most reliable source. Also, if the information is not deemed accurate you could obtain a false negative which will put you right back at square one. Therefore, the FDLE database is definitely a viable source for obtaining criminal history information, but should be used in combination with other methods to ensure 100% accuracy.

FDLE is the central repository of criminal history information for the State of Florida. Kerry Tucker has access to this information and can search the FDLE’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files which include State of Florida criminal history information only. FDLE’s CCH files are continuously updated to provide the most current information. The information received today, could be outdated tomorrow as additional arrests and related information are added. Sealed information is disseminated only to those agencies authorized by provisions in Section 943.059, F.S. and is not provided by this internet service. Expunged criminal history information is likewise not disseminated. Juvenile criminal history information, not sealed or expunged, is disseminated only when the subject was taken into custody for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.


2 – Florida Department of Corrections

If an individual has served any time or simply been remanded, their name and the details involving the crime will be in their database. There are details concerning the crime and possibly even photos. However, it’s also important to know that people who may have been arrested but did not serve any prison time will not appear in the database. In addition, there may be limited information regarding the specific individual you’re investigating so that can make it hard to ‘confirm’ any past criminal acts


3 – Local Court Records

You can visit your local courthouse as a mean to verify criminal action of a certain individual, but it will cost you. Misdemeanors and felony crimes are heard and entered in the system among Florida’s various district courts. The Circuit court is where felony cases are heard but unfortunately, the circuit courts serving Florida’s counties are not connected through a large, main database so you would be visiting each one or calling each one to search for these records. This is definitely a preferred source for obtaining such information, but be warned you will be committing more time and money this way.


4 – Arrests

It’s not too hard for us to find out if a person was arrested and which county jail they were processed at. We obtain this information through a private source and in a legal manner. While our source is unable to access every single Florida county arrest, it has proven to be a very reliable source for us and helps us determine the next step for our search.

The best way to learn about a person’s criminal history is to call one of our Florida private investigators. We will freely discuss your situation and help you deem which searching methods are ideal for your particular needs. You can try to find this information online or through a ‘free’ record search, but often times you are simply buying very old public records or a disclaimer and get nowhere with this method. Avoid this altogether by calling Kerry Tucker Investigations at (866) 750-7155.


Kerry Tucker Investigations – Your #1 Choice for Florida Criminal Record Search & Investigations

Kerry Tucker Investigations offers investigative and criminal record search services unlike any other in the Florida area. We’re able to provide professional, timely results through our use of the latest technology combined with our superior techniques and skills. We can do more than just provide criminal record search services so we encourage you call to call if you have a specific need. We can perform criminal record searches all throughout Florida!

Call (866) 750-7155 if you would like to schedule a private, confidential consultation for our criminal record search services or other investigative services.


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