Kerry Tucker specializes in discreet, professional and confidential investigative services for clients. Kerry Tucker maintains direct communication with you throughout the investigation so you never have to wait long for results. Kerry Tucker is a full-service private detective agency. His office conducts investigations for attorneys, businesses, government agencies, and individuals. Kerry Tucker is here to help with all your investigative need and is available for a free confidential consultation.


For over 30 years, Kerry Tucker has faithfully served the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, South Jersey and Palm Beach County, Florida.


Kerry Tucker is dedicated to creativity by tackling and solving cases using creative, ingenious methods. His clients often marvel at the wealth and quality of information he is able to obtain. Compared to none, Kerry Tucker gets the facts needed to solve any case.


Kerry Tucker is passionate about investigative work. No two days are ever the same, which is the contributing factor behind our rich plus year history and unrivaled reputation. We aim high, approaching every case with great energy and excitement while maintaining the cool composure of established veterans. Kerry Tucker’s passion, evidenced by his relentless desire to solve your crisis, is rivaled only by our compassion for serving people in need – people with nowhere else to turn.

Tucker prides himself in transforming his client’s impossible situations into impressive victories, a fact that has not escaped those he serves. We have heard countless stories from our satisfied clients as to how we succeeded in obtaining the facts where other investigators failed.


Kerry Tucker has vast experience in all areas of investigation including criminal defense, civil litigation, matrimonial, child support, interview and interrogation, child custody and abuse, surveillance, as well as other specialized areas of investigations. Tucker has solved a wide variety of cases over the past 30 plus years, integrating past experience with cutting-edge technology to solve cases in an expeditious, cost-effective manner. Gathering intelligence not only takes intelligence, but experience as well.


Companies don’t stay in business for as long as we have without a commitment to doing things right the first time. Kerry Tucker’s quality of work is well known by his clients and competitors. Our business success is unique in the specialized niche we occupy, and it’s due to one thing – satisfied clients. Our A+ service rating is a testament to our high quality business practices handling investigations for attorneys, government agencies, businesses, and individuals.


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